Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Ragnarok already happened

The world did end. It’s not The End, or total finished. Transferring, changes, some from the old world notices. The sun, stars, moon, people and even names and landscapes different. What happened was a result of Ragnarok. The giant wolves that eventually ate the sun and moon is symbolic. The fate of the sun goddess is not a solar eclipse but a solar collapse. It signified the death of our sun, the yellow giant star. We were living in the Sagittarius Arm of the galactic spiral. With the death of the sun, as scientists had for many years speculated the sun was dying, all planets and moons died too. Now we have awoken in the new world, on the Orion Spur, with a different sun, one that is a white dwarf star. Ragnarok already happened. You could say that the Norse signs of Ragnarok with the death of the sun goddess made way to a new age on a new world with a new sun. The wolves: who ate the sun and moon and caused deaths of gods include Fenrir, Hati and Skoll. Those three wolves are giant cosmic wolves and they represent the Winter Triangle (Sirius star, Canis Major and Canis Minor). Those dog stars are aligned close to Orion, who is a warrior and a possible symbol of the Norse god Tyr. Tyr fought Fenrir the wolf god and lost his hand. The tale of the wolves eating the sun and moon and destroying all life occurred too. Jormungandr or World Serpent is like the equator itself. That was destroyed by Thor, meaning the former earth’s centre was gone. You could say this is why people have weird experiences, such as “reality shift” or “Mandela Effect”. It’s just a few years before leading up to Ragnarok (2016), there were three “Fimbulvetr” Winters. The UK was part of the Arctic in winter three winters. Then “spirals” or portals in the sky. Also were scenes of cities in clouds and eneormous sky booms and trumpets echoeing across vast distances all over the world. 

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This post is taken from my comment in Quora in answer to the thread: "What would be your favourite way for the world to end?" 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The fear of ghost girls in horror

It seems a pattern in films. It’s said among people that ghost girls are regarded as “creepier” than other ghosts. Girl ghosts spook people more than headless horsemen do. The latter, headless horsemen, looks sillier than how people used to feel about them. People used to be scared of ghosts wearing white sheets and rattling chains. We don't encounter this much now. Do we?
There was a time when ghost girls were often reminded of dark “fairies” and the antagonist females in the folklore legends. These feared girls often appear as to people as omens of doom and death, like the Banshee, Rusalka, Rhine Maidens, elf women of Scandinavia, sirens, succubus, harpies, Morrigan, (reaper maidens) Valkyries, nymphs, mermaids, Amazons, Kitsune, ect. All these mystical and paranormal girls have been part of legends and folklore for ages.
There is something to be said about creepy girls or creepy girl ghosts, in horror and myths, whether or not they’re spirits of the dead, or simply creatures of the night, goddesses or just dark spirits. Supernatural girls frighten people a lot more than you think as the human psyche is full of fear from tales we were told as small children.
Ghost girls have been associated with death for thousands of years. In Neil Gaiman's fictional world of the "Sandman", a girl is named Death and she is death itself. The visions of the ghostly twin sisters in "The Shining" and the demonic Regan girl in "Exorcist" have a lasting impression or scarring on the mind to many. So this could be why girl ghosts are popular and frightening in films. Just my two pence!

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The original post was made by me on Quora, by Rayne Belladonna. Some parts of this post on my blog have been slightly edited to correct spelling and add more stuff.
The top image is "Creepy Girl" made by Rayne, using Dress Up Games.

Psychic bullying

The question "What is psychic bullying?" prompted me to answer.

It’s when a person, who is able to communicate with the dead, is being harassed and bullied by spirits. It could be a whole group of them that do this against one person. The psychic may be unable to block out the cruel words and can’t help but hear nasty things said about them. It could be something else too.
Poltergeist activity. Some people may be living under fear of unseen forces. Someone needs to understand why this happened first of all and what woke up this energy in particular. Usually it’s a ouija board that unlocks a door.
Psychic bullying can dress itself up as mental illness, or psychosis. For example, vulnerable people who are ill, on drugs or women that just gave birth to a baby, would be open to dark entities. They would feel a sense of dread, and be tricked into thinking those entities are benign to win trust and then become under their control. Spirits of a sinister nature can cause brainwashing into individual people.
Finally a spirit or spirits who have complete control over a person’s life, and dominate how the person should be every day. Choosing what they should eat, wear, watch on TV, read, ect. This is usually vulnerable people with mental illness who suffer psychic attacks like this from sinister entities.  

By Rayne Belladonna 
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

World of werewolves

In reply to a question on Quora "What would happen if the whole world were werewolves?"

Society would change. The elite would pass laws so that werewolves don’t commit atrocities in their transformed shapes. Certain bad werewolves would go to prison for being a danger to the rest of society. There will be wolf like packs in human establishments, with the leaders being alphas and the strongest of all.

Humans would resort to “hunter gatherer” mode because of the werewolf side. No more would people consume or even produce junk food. People wouldn’t need cars anymore so there would be no car pollution.

Certain countrysides would alter. Towns and cities might be left abandoned so that werewolves could live in communities of their own making, and leave these concrete cities with bright lights forever. People would lose the human needs to gamble, take drugs, play team sports, jealousy, nationalism and poverty. Also hospitals, police, courts, schools, trains, electric grid,factories, ect would finish.

Werewolf communities would be too strong and physically able to care for themselves without the need for cars, bikes, ect. Werewolf immune system would be much stronger and any rogue werewolf would be killed. There will be a tragic end to domestic animals in farms, they would perish or get eaten. Werewolves wouldn’t farm them. Once farm animals get eaten, escape or just killed, werewolves would become intune with the cycles of nature and recognise hunting season. Lots of wild animals would die. Domestic dogs and cats would be most vulnerable. You may get some werewolves with sympathy and kindness who will care for stray injured and frightened cats and dogs.

It would return to the Dark Ages.

By Rayne Belladonna