Monday, 20 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 5)

There wasn't many students in the class. He counted just five of them.
Seth took a seat behind them at the back of the classroom.
Mr Thantos had not yet started the session, while he was reading some ancient looking book. It gave Seth a moment to look around, at the very place that he still couldn't believe where he was. He wondered how he got himselt into this. The classroom itself had bare walls, bare bookshelves, and moth eaten curtains. It was so dark, but several candles were lit.
Of the kids, he counted three boys and two girls. He'd never seen them before and not even seen any of them around in Backwater. They must be from out of town.
Mr Thantos closed the book and started talking:
"We all have heard of the economy, but what about the affairs in Africa? Does any of you know about the corruption of the union of governments in history? Do you know about the financial crisis of the national banks? Any of you aware of the currencies of each nation and what is owed in debt?"
Sigh. Another boring lecture. How is this meant to help Bikeball techniques? He knew he shouldn't have come afterall. Seth picked up his rucksack and stood up.
"Where do you think you're going, Seth?" Me Thantos asked.
"I've just remembered homework".
"Sit down, this once. I haven't even begun. What you're about to learn is far more helpful to you than you know and it might just improve your own school work".
Seth had low grades in school mock exams and finals. He didn't do well so how did Mr Thantos know this. Perhaps he was shared his records by his other teachers. Seth sat down, but if this lesson is going to be all about politics then he's not staying.
Mr Thantos started chalking on the board. The writing was very small, and he started to get bored. The other students only sat watching Mr Thantos, and looked straight ahead.
He observed each other kid. They were all about his age group. Two of the boys looked as if they've never bathed in months. The other boy wore a strange looking conical hat and he had very long brown hair tied back in a ponytale. One girl seemed like an emo, and another girl was wearing an old fashioned long dress.
Mr Thantos finished.
"None of what I told you matters," the teacher said, and he held his cane. "Everyone is going to die."
Huh? Seth sat up and wondered if he heard that right.
"Everyone will eventually die," Mr Thantos said. "It's a fact of nature. Cruel as it is. Unfair as it is. People weren't given a choice.The golden apples of immortality are reserved for the gods. Do you all know who they are? Yes, Belinda?"
The girl in the long dress had held up her hand. She answered in a soft voice. "They're people," she said, and her large green eyes glittered. Seth looked at her as she spoke, and he noticed in her long blonde ringlets were bits of grass and leaves. When was the last time this girl brushed and even washed her hair? he wondered.
After an hour of listening to Mr Thantos talking about gods, death, immortality, Seth didn't feel the wiser in knowing how to beat his friends at the game of Bikeball.
It was over. Everyone got up. He looked at Belinda, and she looked at him. Her skin seemed a strange hue of grey, and there were dark rings around her eyes. Her lips were black as liquorice. Seth felt a chill pass down his spine.
He left the room, dissatisfied with the lesson.
"Seth!" Mr Thantos called out. "It's important you return next week!"
Outside, Seth could see the lights glowing from houses and street lamps. It was so dark, and so cold. He pulled up his hood. Where did everyone else go? No one was there, but he left the school with the others. Only, Belinda was hurrying off to the left, towards the deralict church. Perhaps she walked through that as a short cut to her house via a creepy route.
That night, Seth couldn't get out of his mind the thoughts of death, and money and politics. It was annoying him. He ate something from the fridge, and his parents were out having a meal. His siblings in bed. He was usually the only one awake at the hour of 11 p.m. but sometimes mum and dad would go on date nights. Leaving him or his siblings alone.
He decided to watch a horror film. And while he watched it, he was sure that he recognised Mr Thantos appear on screen. I must be tired, he thought.
...to be continued.

Story by Rayne.
Above image made by Rayne using Rinmaru graphics

Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 4)

(Story: genre - Horror)

The walls appeared strange. He went inside and looked closely. Bones. The walls were covered in them. Ribs, mainly. And along the corridor were animal skulls that were enormous.
"What is all of this?" Seth asked, feeling a little freakd out.
Mr Thantos closed the door and stood, holding his cane with composure.
"You," Mr Thantos said "are looking at the fine works of my youth. I made all of these from clay and resin. I did it in the likeness of the skulls themselves."
Seth studied one such skull nearest to him. It was full of sharp teeth with a head almost as big as a car. He looked closely and the bone seemed real and not any form of fakery. He didn't want to argue with Mr Thantos now, it was his school. H wanted to know how he can win Bikeball. The last thing he needed was to argue with his would be trainer.
Bones didn't matter. They were just animals.
Mr Thantos lifted his cane and at the top was a shining blue stone. Seth didn't see it before but then he never looked closely at Mr Thantos or his cane. He didn't even like being near this stranger. He felt a cold breeze and a girl walked passed him, with her hair all matted and her long dress tattered.
He saw Mr Thantos talk to a boy for a short while, and even the boy seemed out of place.
"Is this some religious school?" Seth asked Mr Thantos after the boy had rushed off.
Mr Thantos shook his head.
"No, it isn't a religious school. We do accept children of all faiths here in Obsidion School. Our students come from all walks of life."
Sounds fair. Seth wasn't from a rich family, but they weren't religious. If the school doesn't mind where he comes from then he might enrol on this teaching of Mr THantos.
"Okay, I'm in" Seth agreed.
"Good, so I need you to sign a form. Just turn up every Friday evenings from seven until ten at night. At this very site."
Mr Thantos produced an envelope with a form inside. Unsealed.
"Don't you need my parents to sign this? I don't know how much it is."
"No need to worry about that yet, you can sign it as you're already interested in the programme. It will just take a few seconds. Paying is no issue. It's a free course."
"Wow!" Seth thought. It was too good to be true.
Mr Thantos gave him a pen and Seth scribbled his own quick signature on the line at the bottom, without reading any of the terms and conditions. Mr Thantos was grateful. Seth was free to go.
As he left the building, he turned round and looked at the school. It seemed to be so deralict and rotten in appearance from the outisde but inside it was full of activity.He just needed now to get a new bike and he'll be on his way to beating his friends at Bikeball now, with a secret class in being better at sport. (...to be continued)

Story by Rayne

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 3)

(My story: genre - Horror)
The Obsidion School looked like a very grim place. A mass of brick and mortar, with a crooked appearance. All of the windows looked dense with grime, cobwebs and some cracked. The roof had moss and even twigs shooting up through the chimney. The air was electric in the school grounds.
Seth had never come to this place very much. It was in a dead end part of Backwater, next to thick woods and an abandoned rotten church with blackened headstones, all now overgrown.
It was a free school for "strange kids" as everyone told him, including his parents. He attended the local secondary school, Backwater Green High, at the other end of town. But this place, Obsidion school, was a tip. It was a real dump. The only people that lingered near this place sometimes that he saw on his bike journeys were vagrants and tramps. Once the police had arrested some drug addicts here as was mentioned in the Backwater newspaper and that was the only exciting thing that happened to Obsidion School.
The front door was huge. He couldn't find any buzzer, so he used the brass beastly door knockers to bang three times. He waited a little while, and the door opened in the centre. He couldn't see anyone at first. Then Mr Thantos stood in view, still dressed in his hooded cloak.
"You've arrived," said Mr Thantos.
"What did you do to my bike?" Seth asked.
"It's a question that you ought to be asking your friends," he replied. "I found your bike left in the woods and so I decided to return it to you. I left it just over your garden fence."
He grunted a thanks.
Seth noticed some kids in school uniform pass behind Mr Thantos. Seth was feeling uneasy, but not sure why. The smell that oozed out through the door from within the school was sickening and unpleasant. It looked dark inside and almost decayed.
"Are you wanting to stay for my lecture?" Mr Thantos asked, never once with any change of expression.
Seth shook his head. "No, I need to be going back".
"I will just explain how you might win your game and beat your friends if you just stayed for about ten minutes. But if you want to leave, you can go then. But I'm leaving after this night and won't come back here again."
Seth wasn't sure to believe him or not. Something about what Mr Thantos said made him convining enough and wise enough to know what he was talking about. He could kill ten minutes, just ten minutes. Just spend a short while listening to what he had to say that will help him play better at Bikeball might be worthwhile, if not, stupid.
Seth went inside the school and Mr Thantos closed the door. He showed Seth the lecture room and it was just through the nearest door. Everything in the school was dark. No lights, no colours, no posters, pictures, displays, Nothing. Only.... what was that?!!!!
(To be continued)...

Story by Rayne    

Friday, 17 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 2)

(My fictional story continued)... Seth had his bike sorted, and was ready to play a game of Bikeball the following Saturday. But when he arrived to the woods with his team mates and started to play the first round, the bike got a flat tyre again.
"Bad luck, Seth!" his friends told him.
He cursed, and was out of the game so early on.
In despair, he pushed his bike and it went shattering on the ground. He dumped it there in the woods and he made his reluctant trek home on foot, not even caring what the others are doing. There was no more point. He was out. He was probably disqualified due to the bike. That bike was cursed! It had to be. Seth wouldn't miss it. The bike was nothing but trouble and it kept falling to pieces anyway. Its chain would keep coming off. The handlebars would become stiff. The seat came off a few times. It always looked rusty.
He returned home, to his parents and younger sister. They were all watching TV and eating noodles with chicken burgers. He wasn't hungry. He went upstairs to his room and slammed the door, angry that nothing was going his way. That bike let him down and ruined his life. He couldn't have fun with it. He didn't want it.The bike can rot in the woods.
Later, he argued with his parents over the missing bike. His father said "I bought it for your 17th birthday, and you should be grateful!".
Seth told him of his anguish and how the bike was poorly made, but soon it became clear that his father purchased the bike from the internet for just a fiver. It wasn't the bike anymore, but the deciept and lies of his parents, making him think the bike was the most expensive present.
He wanted to leave. He was 19 years old now and already working in a garage part time, while paying towards his keep there. He wanted to start fresh and live away from his parents. He always wanted to live on his own. Then he remembered the old man called Mr Thantos who invited him to attend the Obsidion School.
Seth thought about it for a few hours, and later that night, he decided not to bother going. That place was dirty, full of stinking bins and gangs anyway. He could think of nothing worse than going to the pit of the Backwater. Seth had a weird dream that he was playing Bikeball and all of his teammates were creatures with sharp teeth and red eyes. It woke him up in a sweat. It was so dark. The moon shone. What time was it? He looked at his luminous clock and it was only 2 in the morning.
Seth decided to return to sleep, when he could hear noises coming from outside. He could hear his father snoring in the other room, or was it his mother? He thought it might be a cat. Then he heard the sound of footsteps. He sat up in bed, wondering what it was. He went over to the window and pulled the curtain aside.
Outside it was quite dark, because the street lamps were failed. One of them was blinking on and off. The Backwater was the most neglected part of town that the local authorities never spend money on. But in the yard, which was surrounded by a tall 6ft fence and some hedges growing snugly against the wooden posts, the little shed, and the the lawn. At the back of the yard near the gate was the refuse bin, with no sign of any cats. But the moon sparkled on something there. He focused, and saw a shape. He lost his breathe when he saw that it was his bike!
He pulled on his trousers and shoes, then went downstairs. Seth went out into the yard and ran across the wet lawn, to find that it was indeed his bike. It seemed in worse shape than it had been when he dumped it in the woods. It looked battered, as if an elephants walked on it. Maybe one of his buddies brought it over, but at two in the morning?
He opened the gate and rushed out into the alley behind it, to catch a glimpse of a hooded man in the distance, using a walking cane to assist him. That was no dount Mr Thantos.
Seth wondered, "What does he want"?
(,,, to be continued)
Story written by Rayne

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 1)

(Story-genre: Horror)

A boy named Seth Grainfield was feeling angry with himself.
"What have I done!" he said to himself.
He turned his bike around and rode along the thin path. He saw a glimpse of the others in the woods further up the hill on their bikes. He heard shouting. He knew that he was way too behind them now and wouldn't be able to keep up. Anyone knew that those lagging were out of the game before the second round. But he heard it, a "thlunk" sound. He saw it. A ball arcing from the trees, and tumbling down the hill. He sped on his bike towards it. Perhaps he was safe in the game afterall. His team mates were emerging from the woods, speeding on their bikes so quickly as they went down the hill. He had to reach the rolling ball before they did.
He got it! Whack! He hit the ball with his booted foot and sent it across the grass. Others turned on their bikes and did wheelies and somersaults in the air that he couldn't do.He had no time now to be amazed at his team mates riding, he had to get the ball; a second kick would keep him safe until the second round. He missed. Someone else kicked the ball, and then another. He couldn't catch it, as the ball was being kicked all over the place, and finally they ended up back in the woods again.
As the ball was being hunted by sporty cyclists during a new game of Bikeball, Seth was overcome by anger when something sharp penetrated the front wheel. It turned as flat as and useless as spaghetti. Before anyone else noticed, as they all rode off chasing the ball, Seth stopped and got off the bike. He inspected the flat wheel, and found a metallic object stuck inside it. He couldn't pull it out. A nail, with Seth's bike's name on waiting for him to come along. Why did it have to be him that gets it? He was annoyed and kicked the bike.
He flung a stone at a tree. Then he sat down, feeling stupid and gutted to be out of the game. It wasn't fair. He wanted that prize. He wanted a better bike. All his friends have motorbikes and chain bikes, his was a cheap bike that was often going flat. It was a rubbish bike. He heard a loud cry of shouts as his team mates found the ball and fought over it.
"Are you tired, lad?" asked an old voice.
Seth spun round to see who was talking. Coming through the trees was a tall man who looked curious. He had a long white beard, he wore a hooded cloak of blue leather. He was holding a walking cane. Seth shrugged. The old man wouldn't understand.
"No, it's the bike" Seth told him.
The old man didn't look surprised. He seemed to look straight at him with such curious looking eyes.
"The bike is just needing a new wheel. You need to learn how to avoid getting your tyres flat during an intense game. Football is it, but with bikes?"
He was clever for an old guy, "How did you know that? We only invented it the other day."
The man smiled.
"My name is Mr Thantos and I'm an official", said the man with the strange pale pale grey eyes.
Seth stood up.
"I've got to be going," he said. "My friends will finish soon". Seth lifted up his bike and started to walk and painfully drag it along by holding the handlebars. The wheel's tyre flip flopped. The man called Mr Thantos spoke behind him.
"I can help you win this game."
Seth looked at him.
"I can teach you how to play better," said Mr Thantos. "Every Friday evenings from 7 o' clock until 10 o' clock, I teach classes in the Obsidion School."
Seth nodded, and turned away, resuming his walk. He quickened his pace, and needed to return to the other players, even if he'd lost the game.... (to be continued)   

Story by Rayne Belladonna.
Above image designed by Rayne using Doll Divine

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Do cats bring bad luck?

No they don't. This is an old medieval superstition that cats are associated with the devil and are witches familiars. During the Middle Ages, paranoid people were so afraid of cats and dogs, that they began exterminating the helpless animals by the thousands. Once all the domestic dogs and kitties were gone from Britain, the Black Death plague moved in. No cats left to kill any of the infestation of mice and rats coming off boats. These crazy ideas still linger today. People are scared witless of seeing black or white cats crossing their path. They’re too scared to adopt a fluffy kitten over Halloween because they think it’s evil. There are people who believe cats want to rule the world, and others who are vindictive and steal other peoples cats to make a quick buck. There are some who blame cats for pollution and causing damage to the environment, harming wildlife and causing mass extinctions. No, it isn't cats responsible for those things. It’s humans that are the cause of bad luck.

Monday, 13 November 2017

The red hooded girl

My favourite fairytale is “Red Riding Hood”. There’s so much to read into it, with hidden meanings. You could say it’s a story of a girl growing up and meeting strange men, menstruation and loss of virginity. It could also be a story of werewolves. It certainly is a horror fairytale story. It’s a challenging story of a young woman that enters a dark forest on her own, for the purpose of visiting her sick grandmother. One can find many Goddess related messages, the Maiden healing the Crone, or the girl in red (sun goddess) encountering the bad wolf (the killer). In Norse mythology it seems to mirror the story of the wolf, Skoll, that eats the sun goddess Sol during Ragnarok. The red hooded cloak may also be looked at as a very different form of symbolism. Red is the colour of blood, perhaps it means menstrual blood. Also red is the colour of fire. There were ancient priestesses who wore hooded red robes, such as those of Delphi in the temple of Apollo. Again, solar related divinity. The wolf being the aggressor, rapist and destroyer. Little Red Riding Hood may as well be a sun priestess like Pythia. There were also red priestesses who honoured and worshipped the goddess Isis. Saint Brigid is often depicted in a red hooded robe or a red habit. She’s said to be the canonised goddess Brigid, a fire and sun goddess. So with this, Red Riding Hood could be seen in many ways and interpretations, from the girl going through puberty, the healer, the Maiden, priestess and goddess, who encounters her cosmic enemy, the Wolf.

The artwork is "Priestess of Delphi" by John Collier.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Gloom Girls Project: Bloody Mary

This is a new project about dark ladies, iron maidens and evil queens. It's the opposite to my "Golden Girl Project" series that I made years ago on this blog. Golden Girls is all about ladies of light. The Gloom Project is about ladies of darkness. Obsidious beauty, dark souls and stone hearts. Each post will focus on one such lady of gloom. 

Bloody Mary

The urban legend of the Bloody Mary is like this: Late at night, the witching hour, light a single candle and look into the mirror. Say the name "Bloody Mary" three times, and the reflection in the mirror will be of her. This ritual has been done by groups of people. They claim to have seen Bloody Mary appear in the mirror just after saying the name three times. Bloody Mary looks like a corpse. Some say that she appears like a woman covered in blood. It's said that this ghost of Bloody Mary can scream or attack people through the mirror.
Where does all this come from and who is Bloody Mary?
There was a real "Bloody Mary" in history, She was Queen Mary I of England, born on February 18th in 1516. She was Mary Tudor, the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She was the sister of the fiery and vivacious Elizabeth I and also cousin of the stunning Mary Queen of Scots. Mary I of England must never be confused with Mary Queen of Scots as these were two different women. Mary I was considered "plain" by comparison of the other queens, but she had a very strong bloodthirst. She expressed her angry will in persecuting Protestants by having them killed.
She had talents in music and singing, but was always living under a cloud because she was a bastard child and had restrictions. She married Phillip II of Spain. Mary became a queen at 37 years of age, through loopholes and after she brutally removed and killed the beautiful "9 days queen" Lady Jane Grey.
At the time of her ascension to the throne, the public loved her. She became queen and was soon desperate to make England a Catholic country. She executed people. Their bodies were displayed for all to see, as birds pecked on the corpses eyes and flesh. She encouraged people to join her in a war, that turned on its head, resulting in slaughter by the thousands. She executed 300 of her own people during her campaign against heresy and war against Protestantism. She was a terrible ruler and a mass murderess. This gave her the name "Bloody Mary". She became a truly horrible and hated queen.
Throughout her life, Mary suffered miscarriages. But her violent urges gave her a quick hateful reputation. Mary I died in 17 November 1558 of cancer. Lack of an heir made the next in line to the throne Elizabeth, her sister, who righted the wrongs that the queen Bloody Mary did. There is a well known nursery rhyme about Bloody Mary.
"Mary Mary
quite contrary
how does your garden grow?
with silver bells and
cockel shells
and pretty maids all in a row".

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Angels of Mons

During the First World War, some British soldiers were in the trenches. They all saw the same thing that appeared, angelic beings, also women dressed in long white robes and golden armour. Also, soldiers witnessed the shining forms of bowmen shooting arrows, knights and ancient kings with swords descend on the frontline, during crossfire. Also the weird thing is, the German soldiers had seen it too! Weirder, soldiers on the enemy side, Germans, found covered in arrows! This particular Battle of Mons was seen by both sides. Apparitions of medieval and supernatural armies all shining and positioned between the Germans and British.
Many people doubt this ever happened. Even back then, once the stories about the Angels appeared, it was shunned as vivid imagination brought about by shellshock and the effects of war. Possibly even brough on by mustard gas. Sceptics use this story to discuss mass hysteria when time of war happens, many people are able to witness an event of paranormal that isn’t there, but seen by all because of traumatic events.
Religious people use this event to enhance the fact God was on the British side. Or Christians think that regardless of what side it was, there was some form of divine intervention during WW1. A topic that throughout human history, God/angels, gods/goddesses,ect influence the shape of humanity and put people on a certain destined path. The Angels of Mons is regarded as one of the most convincing and popular myth and legends of modern times. Personally what do I think? During war, soldiers can become to distressed psychologically that they need some sort of paranormal event to help them or atleast reveal itself to give them spiritual comfort during such horror. I believe all these soldiers witnessed something incredible. But was it real? For them yes it was.

By Rayne Belladonna
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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fairytales and inner female strength

If you examine fairytales closely, the most powerful women are always the most evil. Look at the evil queen in “Snow White”, and the sheer terror she generates and the power she has without any visible king at her side. Look at the influence and godlike will that the thirteenth fairiy has in “Sleeping Beauty”. Look at the amazing witch who owns the gingerbread house. What about the other witch Baba Yaga? and the power that she generates through fear. The tyranny of the stepmother and wicked step sisters in “Cinderella”.
Okay and what about the benign women with supernatural qualities that outdo anything the men have. For example, the fairy godmother in “Cinderella” who steps in to control destiny and change fate. The fairies in “Sleeping Beauty” and the Blue Fairy in “Pinnocchio”. Let us not forget Mother Holle and the Swan Maiden.
What of the heroines? The princesses and maidens in fairytales might be so “sweet and cute” but they do actually have a very important role to play and their position in the story is strong. Goldilocks, brave girl entering a house and fleeing three bears. Brave Red Riding Hood for talking to a large wolf. Courage to Snow White, a victim of abuse imho who ran away, sleeping rough, living with total strangers, and been a target of someone jealousy. Let’s not forget the loving Little Match Girl who braved the cold winter snow and saw visions of warmth, food and comfort before she passed away to be with her nana. Look at brave Little Mermaid who sacrificed a part of herself (her body and her voice) to be with a man she loved, only to lose him for another, and she then took her life.
Many people overlook the pitfalls and pain these heroines have gone through and it’s because they want women to be either armour clad or buxom wenches. These heroines are just girls and women, coping with life.
Also with modern tales, lets say cheers to Alice and Dorothy, as well as the Wardrobe girls and plenty others for going on such adventures.   

Monday, 30 October 2017

Scary happenings at home

I have several encounters going back since childhood being scared. I was very little and woke up during the night. I wasn’t alone in the house but I’m definately sure the only person awake in the house. It was always pitch black, waking from scary dreams. I was woken often in the dead-of-night and saw people in my bedroom all looking at me. They were around my bed, and just bent over looking down at me. They had no expression on their faces, and I didn’t know who they were. I saw them a lot of nights waking up and seeing the same people. Sometimes it was just one person there, and I can remember one of them looked like an old witch. Her hair was very long, and she wore a big dress. It made me nervous so much going to bed that I started sleeping under the blankets, so when I woke up, I would only be hiding and those people couldn’t see me. The following morning, nan came in and said “Oh you’re sleeping inside the bed!” I’ve been sleeping under the blankets ever since. I can never sleep without hiding.
Older, I woke up at the age of 9 years old to hear the sound of something or someone playing in my room. It was dark. Everyone else was asleep except me and that noise. It was someone playing with my things, tapping the desk, the sounds of someone scribbling a pen, ect. It was pitch black. I lay there feeling so scared. I couldn’t takre it anymore so I screamed. My nan came in and asked what was wrong. I told her, and she put the light on and told me there was nothing in my room.
Adulthood: I woke up during the night in my twenties and saw a glowing white figure stood in the corner of my room. It was close beside the wardrobe. I had the curtains closed. The figure disappeared. I wondered if it was a trick of light. I looked away and thought about it, and in the corner of my eye, the glowing figure returned. I looked back and it vanished. I sat up in bed and each time I looked away, the phantom thing would return but disappear as soon as I looked at it. I realised it was playing games with me. Sometimes it vanished as soon as I looked at it, other times a few seconds after looking at it. I felt extremely cold and hid under the blankets. This light, whatever it was, didn’t come back.
I was woken up by the sounds of someone in my room, and feeling someone tapping the bed, and shuffling it. Then the sound of someone thumping the headboard and the posts. I thought it was my dad, annoyed with me for over sleeping, but after I sat up, shocked to find no one there. Soon shocked to discover the house was empty. I called my dad, and he was at work.
I’ve been washing dishes late at night sometimes. Once someone came into the kitchen, I thought it was my boyfriend who came down to eat something but he disappeared. I screamed. My boyfriend was up in bed fast asleep. I’ve been kind of alone in the house and heard voices so I think someone is home but it turned out to be empty. I’ve been alone and seen mysterious cats appear in the house who just disappear into thin air. I’ve seen orbs floating near me but “flee” when I attempt to go near them. I’ve watched an orb of light dancing around the walls and furniture and swivel up the stairs. I couldn’t find any source of light doing it, even my watch wasn’t doing this because I was so still and had my hands behind my back. At one time I’ve seen a figure of a wolf in my back yard (where I used to live) staring in at me through the patio door. I could go on as there are tons of them but I’m going to have some coffee.   

Saturday, 28 October 2017

What the dead taught me

Contacting spirits of the dead is dangerous and also creepy. I don't suggest anyone do this. I've posted an answer to someone wanting to know how to communicate with the spirits of the dead and I wrote this:
"I’m not going to tell you. This will only open a door and bring in any kind of entity. It won’t just be bothersome for you but for many others reading it and wanting to try, including kids. So I’m not going to post any spells or techniques. It’s best that you don’t contact the dead using any means. If the dead want to make contact with you, and it’s either loved ones who passed over or your spirit guides, then they will send you a sign. Spirits of the dead can appear to us in dreams, this is their way of communicating. Have you lost someone close? If you have, did you have a dream where your phone rang and you answered it, only to hear their voice? This is a very big clue that spirits are making contact."
However, I will briefly mention it here on my blod, just be very careful.
I didn't intend to open a door to the spirit world at first, I was using some form of divising tool that locates water and can be used as a compass. Soon it was responding to my questions, and eventually moved on its own. From that to the next stage of ouija board!!!! The same spirit got through, supposed spirits of family, deceased characters I never knew and other beings that identified themselves as spirits. 
They taught me how to scry. 
They taught me how to see through walls but I can no longer do this now.
They taught me how to call down the moon.
They taught me how to listen to voices in the wind.
They taught me how to use automatic writing.
They taught me how to see auras.
They taught me the different types of auras and what they mean.
They taught me above the importance of colour coding.
I'm not saying people should contact the dead, at all. I no longer do this because what I explained happened many years ago. I'm not cut out to be a psychic medium. At the end of that year, I suffered coughing fits similar to whooping cough that made me vomit white sticky fluid or clear fluid that disappeared. I believe this was no whooping cough because I overcame that a long time ago and it never comes back. What I was experiencing might've been a type illness that also made me rid myself of bacteria. The vomit wasn't like normal vomit. It resembled ectoplasm.
As Halloween is coming near, I wanted to write some scary stuff and paranormal matters.  

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Past creepy things

Halloween is coming and some spooky bits to write about.
While doing some research, I came across a couple of phantoms on a live webcam taken in Willard Library a few years ago. Unfortunately the computer has gone and I didn’t save the picture. It looked like a woman in white browsing the bookshelves.

I’ve also had encounters that were chilling. I remember waking up to see a ball of light in my bedroom. It was a blue coloured light just hovering above the floor. It seemed to be staring at me as I slept. Then as I was gradually waking up and noticed it, I looked at it closely and it “flew” away, leaving a trail of light.

I was sat on the computer once and there was an enormous bang. It sounded like a firework and it came from in the room. People heard it and asked me what it was. Then it happened again and I saw a large football sized orb of orange light in the room that was close to the table where I sat. It vanished into thin air. The same house was full of odd things going on. I heard footsteps in the corridor, lights switched on by themselves, the central heating turned on by itself. 

Also I heard a man’s voice say my name and it sounded like he was standing right behind me. I looked round and there wasn’t anyone there. In that house, I was woken up very early one morning by the sound of someone banging in my room. Then it banged on the bed’s bottom frame and shook me in the bed. It was done with such force. I sat up and there was nobody there. Then the following night when it was dark, the same thing happened again only not banging, just something prodding and poking me. I felt terrified. Found out later that the house installed a Victorian piece of furniture that used to belong to an old building. I felt this had a lot to do with it.

To do your own little ghost hunting without ever movin from your room at home, go and visit Willard Library homepage and check out their Ghost Cams. You can watch as the camera refreshes, it's on live and who knows you might see a spirit.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The monster bite

Here I answered a question that was asked in Quora: "In monster mythology, if you are bitten you turn into the monster that bit you. Where did this concept originate?" and I posted my answer. I feel like wtf and post my answer to my blog as it's monster related. Since we're coming near to Halloween, I felt like writing and posting about monsters. My answer in italics:

The concept is frightening, being turned once some creature has bitten you. This is probably all from times when people lived in absolute mortal fear of the following things: 
Rabies and Plagues.

Those things caused a vast number of incidents that sparked off nightmares and death. Rabies itself has been the cause of wild animal attacks against humans, werewolf stories and even bizarre horrors of turned people. The Black Death or Bubonic Plague was rife in Europe during the Middle Ages. This devastating plague stole millions of lives, and its destruction put an end to the Age of chivalry and Feudalism. While politically there was more to it than that, it wasn’t a coincidence that the plague and infestation and disease sweeping through the lands filled everyone with fear.

So the tales of vampires, werewolves, ect (those types of legendary monsters are far older and go back thousands of years) evolved into the breed of biters and blood drinkers, who make their victims become one of them. So basically, the vampire and werewolf (as well as a zombie even) are symbols of the Great Plague and other infectious diseases like rabies.

Vamps and werewolves have been in folklore, myth and creepy tales for thousands of years, but they were previously heralded as almost divine with strength, immortality, shape shifting, the moon, night and their supposed connection to gods and warrior heroes. The Viking berserkers and ulfhednar were the order of warriors and many could be considered true werewolves and other beasts. Viking raiders who stormed villages along coasts, bringing their ferocious bears and wolves in armour, so there is the ancient fear and stress embedded in the genes of being “attacked” by monsters. I can imagine ordinary people scared of the dark, because they were scared of any berserker hiding there.  

To read my answer and see more to my post and view other posts on that thread, click here: "In monster mythology, if you are bitten you turn into the monster that bit you. Where did this concept originate?" 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Ragnarok already happened

The world did end. It’s not The End, or total finished. Transferring, changes, some from the old world notices. The sun, stars, moon, people and even names and landscapes different. What happened was a result of Ragnarok. The giant wolves that eventually ate the sun and moon is symbolic. The fate of the sun goddess is not a solar eclipse but a solar collapse. It signified the death of our sun, the yellow giant star. We were living in the Sagittarius Arm of the galactic spiral. With the death of the sun, as scientists had for many years speculated the sun was dying, all planets and moons died too. Now we have awoken in the new world, on the Orion Spur, with a different sun, one that is a white dwarf star. Ragnarok already happened. You could say that the Norse signs of Ragnarok with the death of the sun goddess made way to a new age on a new world with a new sun. The wolves: who ate the sun and moon and caused deaths of gods include Fenrir, Hati and Skoll. Those three wolves are giant cosmic wolves and they represent the Winter Triangle (Sirius star, Canis Major and Canis Minor). Those dog stars are aligned close to Orion, who is a warrior and a possible symbol of the Norse god Tyr. Tyr fought Fenrir the wolf god and lost his hand. The tale of the wolves eating the sun and moon and destroying all life occurred too. Jormungandr or World Serpent is like the equator itself. That was destroyed by Thor, meaning the former earth’s centre was gone. You could say this is why people have weird experiences, such as “reality shift” or “Mandela Effect”. It’s just a few years before leading up to Ragnarok (2016), there were three “Fimbulvetr” Winters. The UK was part of the Arctic in winter three winters. Then “spirals” or portals in the sky. Also were scenes of cities in clouds and eneormous sky booms and trumpets echoeing across vast distances all over the world. 

Read more on my view of the Ragnarok event in my post "Zircona".
This post is taken from my comment in Quora in answer to the thread: "What would be your favourite way for the world to end?" 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The fear of ghost girls in horror

It seems a pattern in films. It’s said among people that ghost girls are regarded as “creepier” than other ghosts. Girl ghosts spook people more than headless horsemen do. The latter, headless horsemen, looks sillier than how people used to feel about them. People used to be scared of ghosts wearing white sheets and rattling chains. We don't encounter this much now. Do we?
There was a time when ghost girls were often reminded of dark “fairies” and the antagonist females in the folklore legends. These feared girls often appear as to people as omens of doom and death, like the Banshee, Rusalka, Rhine Maidens, elf women of Scandinavia, sirens, succubus, harpies, Morrigan, (reaper maidens) Valkyries, nymphs, mermaids, Amazons, Kitsune, ect. All these mystical and paranormal girls have been part of legends and folklore for ages.
There is something to be said about creepy girls or creepy girl ghosts, in horror and myths, whether or not they’re spirits of the dead, or simply creatures of the night, goddesses or just dark spirits. Supernatural girls frighten people a lot more than you think as the human psyche is full of fear from tales we were told as small children.
Ghost girls have been associated with death for thousands of years. In Neil Gaiman's fictional world of the "Sandman", a girl is named Death and she is death itself. The visions of the ghostly twin sisters in "The Shining" and the demonic Regan girl in "Exorcist" have a lasting impression or scarring on the mind to many. So this could be why girl ghosts are popular and frightening in films. Just my two pence!

Read more on this subject:

The original post was made by me on Quora, by Rayne Belladonna. Some parts of this post on my blog have been slightly edited to correct spelling and add more stuff.
The top image is "Creepy Girl" made by Rayne, using Dress Up Games.

Psychic bullying

The question "What is psychic bullying?" prompted me to answer.

It’s when a person, who is able to communicate with the dead, is being harassed and bullied by spirits. It could be a whole group of them that do this against one person. The psychic may be unable to block out the cruel words and can’t help but hear nasty things said about them. It could be something else too.
Poltergeist activity. Some people may be living under fear of unseen forces. Someone needs to understand why this happened first of all and what woke up this energy in particular. Usually it’s a ouija board that unlocks a door.
Psychic bullying can dress itself up as mental illness, or psychosis. For example, vulnerable people who are ill, on drugs or women that just gave birth to a baby, would be open to dark entities. They would feel a sense of dread, and be tricked into thinking those entities are benign to win trust and then become under their control. Spirits of a sinister nature can cause brainwashing into individual people.
Finally a spirit or spirits who have complete control over a person’s life, and dominate how the person should be every day. Choosing what they should eat, wear, watch on TV, read, ect. This is usually vulnerable people with mental illness who suffer psychic attacks like this from sinister entities.  

By Rayne Belladonna 
Source of Q & A

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

World of werewolves

In reply to a question on Quora "What would happen if the whole world were werewolves?"

Society would change. The elite would pass laws so that werewolves don’t commit atrocities in their transformed shapes. Certain bad werewolves would go to prison for being a danger to the rest of society. There will be wolf like packs in human establishments, with the leaders being alphas and the strongest of all.

Humans would resort to “hunter gatherer” mode because of the werewolf side. No more would people consume or even produce junk food. People wouldn’t need cars anymore so there would be no car pollution.

Certain countrysides would alter. Towns and cities might be left abandoned so that werewolves could live in communities of their own making, and leave these concrete cities with bright lights forever. People would lose the human needs to gamble, take drugs, play team sports, jealousy, nationalism and poverty. Also hospitals, police, courts, schools, trains, electric grid,factories, ect would finish.

Werewolf communities would be too strong and physically able to care for themselves without the need for cars, bikes, ect. Werewolf immune system would be much stronger and any rogue werewolf would be killed. There will be a tragic end to domestic animals in farms, they would perish or get eaten. Werewolves wouldn’t farm them. Once farm animals get eaten, escape or just killed, werewolves would become intune with the cycles of nature and recognise hunting season. Lots of wild animals would die. Domestic dogs and cats would be most vulnerable. You may get some werewolves with sympathy and kindness who will care for stray injured and frightened cats and dogs.

It would return to the Dark Ages.

By Rayne Belladonna   

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Gloom Girls Project: Lizzie Borden

This is a new project about dark ladies, iron maidens and evil queens. It's the opposite to my "Golden Girl Project" series that I made years ago on this blog. Golden Girls is all about ladies of light. The Gloom Project is about ladies of darkness. Obsidious beauty, dark souls and stone hearts. Each post will focus on one such lady of gloom. 

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
And when she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.

The above is a rhyme doggerel that children can sing and remember. It was created out of thin air in the year 1893, the time of Lizzie's trial. Who was this Lizzie Borden and why is there a strange creepy song about her?
Lizzie was born on 19th July 1860 in Fall River, Massachusettes. Her father, Andrew Jackson Borden, was from a respectable family but he had financial difficulties. He ended up working in the furniture business where he did better and provided for his family. He later turned to property and managing, seeing over various factories and manufacturing. He was raised as a president of a banking company, and his salery grew and his estate reached a value of over two hundred thousand dollars. Andrew's friends and relatives were of the trend setting and gentlemen and lady types. They found Andrew somewhat shabby as he didn't live their wealthy lifestyle. 
His house was like a haunted house. It was a grey walled house, three storyes high, filled with rooms and secret passages, surrounded by a white picket fence and a spooky tree stood just outside the front. It had a terrible plumbing system and decay. Today, that house still stands there but it's been redourated, painted green and there are more flowers growing in the yard turned garden. It's now a B&B.
Growing up, Lizzie was playing with her older sister, Emma, within the crumbling house. Their strict stepmother, Abby, wanted both to have a religious upbringing. They attended church and other Christian groups. Lizzie went to Morgan Street School. According to her school friends and teachers, Lizzie spoke unkindly of her stepmother. However, people remembered Abby as a kind sweet lady. It seems clear that of her school reports, Lizzie didn't do too fantastic but not bad at her achievments. She also didn't get on well with others. Described as a small "blooming strapping lass", with brown hair and such cold eyes.
Some former school buddies remember her as a loner and "sarcastic" who kept one friend. After Lizzie grew up, she became a secretary and a member of the Fruit and Flower Mission. Around the time of the infamous event, everyone had become ill. On 4th August 1892, Lizzie picked up an axe and then killed both her father and stepmother. Abby was given 18 or 19 whacks of the blade, while Adrew got 11 hits. Some believe that she didn't do it. However, during police investigations and interviews, Lizzie changed her story. Despite her notorious media character, she was acquited. The mystery is still ongoing. 
After the trial, Lizzie was caught shoplifting and arrested. She was made an outcast but later befriended a celebrity called Nance O'Neil, who introduced Lizzie to parties and a wild flamboyant lifestyle. Lizzie became ill and died on 1st June 1927. She left a Will and $500,000 went towards an animal shelter and the rest towards her remaining relatives.    

By Rayne
Art by Krista Hout

Friday, 6 October 2017


There was a girl who was the daughter of a miller. She was pretty and also clever at spinning pure gold silk from ordinary cotton. That was because she used colourings and some of her own strands of hair. The king heard stories about this amazing girl weaving and spinning gold. He sent for her and then he locked her up inside a tower room full of straw. He ordered her to make as much gold thread as possible using the straw by morning or he’ll cut her head off.
Scared and wondering what to do, a little imp creature appeared magically in the room. He told her that he would help her to spin gold from straw if she gave him her pretty necklace (pink Mother-of=Pearls that was a birthday gift from her late father).
The following morning, the king was impressed by the gold that the girl managed to make from straw. The ungrateful king took her into another room and it was filled with much more straw and some bits of rubbish. Again he threatened to chop off her head if she didn’t make gold by tomorrow. 
Again the imp arrived and spun all of the straw as well as some rubbish, turning into piles of pure sparkling gold. The imp wanted the girl’s ring. It was a silver ring with a small diamond, a heirloom gift from her late mother.
The king took the girl to a larger room fill of bales of hey. He told her aggressively that he’ll chop off her head and stick it on a spike if she doesn’t turn all of it into gold by tomorrow morning. He said if she does make all of this gold, he will marry her. The girl ran out of things to pay for the imp in exchange for turning the hey into gold. The imp told her that he will spin all of the bales of hey into gold if she agrees to give him her future baby. The girl felt obliged to agree and the imp spun the entire bales of hey into pure gold silk.
So the king married the girl and a year later she gave birth to a baby son. Shortly after the baby was born, the imp appeared. He demanded his payment, which was the baby. The young queen was scared and told him that she’ll give him her jewels and finery. The imp didn’t care about all that. He wanted her child as that was the deal agreed to. Soon the imp decided that he’ll not take her child then if the queen was able to guess what his name is. He said he’ll return after three days. The young queen was at a loss in what to do. For two days she was afraid and desperate to think of what name the imp has. 
Then the day before the imp arrived, she went out into the forest hoping to spy on him. She found him by a small house, hopping around a bonfire, singing.
"Tonight tonight, my plans I make, tomorrow tomorrow, the baby I take. The queen will never win the game, for Rumpelstiltskin is my name'.
The following day, the imp appeared to the queen and asked if she knew what his name was. She told him “Rumpelstiltskin” and the imp grew so angry that he banged his foot into the floorboard. He remained stuck there forever, always laughed at and seen as the fool.
Then end.

Written by Rayne Belladonna
This story is based on the fairytale "Rumplestiltskin" by the Brothers Grimm.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Are dragons a memory of dinosaurs?

On Quora I answered a question "Why do so many ancient cultures have dragons, even though they are on different continents." Here was my answer:

Some people believe that this is a throwback memory of prehistoric times. Early mammals were present during the dinosaur era. There wasn’t any evidence of humans living at the time of the dinosaurs. Another point is that there are theories to suggest that we have strong memories, passed down from our ancestors. Hereditary memory. It’s not fully researched yet. If this is the case, and hereditary memories are real, they could explain a lot. That may cause us to wonder how far back in time these memories stretch. Would they go back to when our own ancestors lived during the Ice Age? What about long before then when our common ancestors were just hunters and knew mammoths?
I’m sure this may be it, guys. Hereditary memory about Ice Age mammals have sort of given humans the idea of certain monsters and beasts. In Greek mythology, a cave belonging to a giant cyclops had in recent years, been found to have fossils of woolly rhino and other Ice Age animals. How did people from the Ice Age get to hunting and risking their lives with beasts to ancient Greeks with their cyclops? Could these beasts be fragmented, unexplained memories distorted with visions of fear? I guess mammoths were frightening and wonderful but awesome. How did our ancestors find them? I guess they might’ve had feelings of respect and fear. Possibly saw them as food. Either way, their memories of the mammoths would pass down though thousands of years. To the time of the ancient Greeks, the descandants of those Ice Age hunters would not remember what mammoths were or looked like. But they would carry the fear of something enormous and powerful with giant horns.
Okay dragons. Here be dragons. Could our distant ancestral relatives from a time way before the Ice Age be able to pass down memories? Mammals alive during the last era of the dinosaur age wasn’t human. Here is it:
Is that small mammal creature able to pass down vivid memories of dinosaurs to us modern humans? It sounds unlikely and stupid but is it? Where did the dragons come from? Surely they were real? or were they dreams? Or dreams and real both combined? Yes, a time of the dinosaurs was real, and early human ancestors that looked like this had coexisted with them.
But what about all the stories and legends of dragons? Where did that come from?
I have an idea that may be spiritual other than physical. Dragons could be the spirits or spirit guides of the deceased dinosaurs that were seen by people throughout history. Obviously modern humans have lost the ability to see things. Perhaps dinosaurs didn’t all get wiped out 65 million years ago. Perhaps some survived and became our dragons.
End of post by Rayne Belladonna.
(On further thought, dragons might've been surviving species of dinosaurs, maybe a very altered and magnificent type that breathed fire). Anyway, if humans didn't live at the same time as dinosaurs, why are there cave paintings of dinosaurs that were made by prehistoric humans?


Thursday, 28 September 2017

My view on Snow White

In reply to the question "Was Snow White bad?" here is my reply.
No she wasn’t bad. Snow White was a young princess who was destined to die. She eventually died but was brought back to life again from a kiss. There is a lot more to Snow-White because the tale itself is extremely old. It goes back to pre-Christian times.

Snow White is a tale of an immortal, perhaps a goddess, who wakes from the dead or long periods of sleep as it may be. There are ancient myths of young goddesses who return to the earth after disappearing for a while. In such stories, Persephone was stolen and disappeared in the underworld. She returned to the earth every Spring.

There is also Easter origins and the goddess Eostre/Ostarra, who appears to Midgard (land of humans) after a while. Sleeping goddesses or “dead” goddesses wake up after a cycle has passed. Then they return to sleep or the underworld again, only to come back again.

Snow White could be based on such a combination of these ancient young goddess myths. Another sleeping/dead princess is “Sleeping Beauty”. Woken by a prince, a warrior or hero. Again the archytype of those princes waking up these magical princesses from death sleep is like Sigurd the dragon slayer waking up the sleeping dead Valkyrie.

So no, Snow White isn’t “bad” or evil. She’s the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. There are many goddess maidens found in all European myths, such as Persephone, Eostre, Artemis, Skadi, Athena, Valkyries, Iris, ect. who inspire modern girls. All those Disney princesses are the Divine Maidens, goddess girls, who’s stories have ancient origins to begin with. 

by Rayne Belladonna 
Posted from the original

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dangerous animals in Britain

There are some dangerous wild animals in UK. People don’t think so because the large land predators were wiped out centuries ago. The dangerous animals in modern British Isles are the following:
Bees and wasps or the sub group Aporcrita, give out painful stings and can kill. These insects are responsible for about 5 deaths in the UK each year. People with an allergy towards the bee and wasp stings can die.
Domestic dogs, although not wild animals as such, and considered as mans best friend, are responsible for many attacks and deaths in the UK each year. About two thousand people each year survive dog attacks but many people have died. More people are killed by dogs than by terrorists, according to some posts. There is a rising figure showing more dogs attacking and killing livestock also. However, there is still a terrible figure showing the amount of dogs attacked, abused, neglected and killed by humans.
Red deer is a beautiful and sacred wild animal that lives freely in the UK. However, during the Autumn months, a season to find a mate, these powerful beasts with their antlers turn agitated. These deer have killed people, but the deer are also killed on roads that also cause some car crashes and deaths.
Cows, as in wild. There are wild cattle in the UK but also beware of farm cattle too. They’ve been known to injure and kill people. People love camping, hiking and exploring the countryside and woods. They also come across ferocious herds of wild cattle, especially bulls. Dog walkers and farmers especially have been attacked.
Snakes, the British countryside has deadly snakes hiding in the grass. Always beware when going out for a stroll on a sunny day, and not walk too near the bushes. Britain has a poisonous snake called the Adder. There has been about 15 deaths occuring from snake bites in UK since the 19th Century. But many hundreds of people have been bitten and treated instantly. Fatalities of snake bite occurs with dogs and cats. There are other snake species in UK not poisonous but they give a nasty bite.
Killer whale / Orca, a powerful sea predator animal that migrates. It’s been seen around the coasts of Britain. These vast whales often eat seals and not humans but their presence deserves mentioning here. More British people are surfing these days and enjoying the water in sails and skuba diving. Just be aware.
Another thing about the seaside… Jellyfish. These are found in the sea around the UK. Most of them are native British jellyfish.
Another sea creature to avoid is the Blue Bottle or Portuguese Man o’ War. It’s a venomous hudrozoa found in the Atlantic ocean and can be seen in British waters. It’s responsible for deaths all around the world.
Foxes are a small predatory canid animal but responsible for attacks on mainly birds, rabits, domestic cats, children and even sheep.
Britain’s only true poisonous spider is the False Black Widow spider, but it rarely bites humans. Some people who’ve been bitten by one end up in hospital for treatment.

By Rayne Belladonna

Friday, 15 September 2017

My answers on dragons and meditation

I answered some questions on Quora and felt like posting them here.

Q 1. "Why do dragons guard treasures?"

My answer: It isn’t just treasure that dragons guard. Treasure has come to mean that but also treasure is life itself and the earth’s recources. Dragons protect water, forests, soil, mountains, sky and treasures. But there are many things inside treasure hordes that appeal to dragons.

Gold protects against heat radiation. Silver reflects light. Gold has the ability to control temperatures and is used in space technology. Gold doesn’t rot or rust. As for gems, sapphires are used in making radio, communications and signals far as into outer space. Diamonds are used in laser beams, drills, and able to cut into granite and stones. Rubies make clockworks and digital images.
With this info, dragons need the powers of gold and gemstones to enhance its strength, size, mobility, fire lungs and intelligence. Dragons are also part of the spirit realm as they were once creatures who ruled the earth. Dragons are the true guardians of the planet so they guard the earth’s treasures.

Q2. "Have you ever seen a supernatural/mythic creature?"

My answer: I’ve seen willo-the-wisps, orbs, fairy lights and faefolk, yes. These appear over the cornfield near my old house some nights. Other times I’ve found them in my house, acting like intelligent insects but they’re not bugs at all, just glowing balls of light.
As a 5 year old playing in the back garden, until sunset, I was astonished to see a “dragon” appearing in the trees. There were large fruit trees at the back of the garden. It showed an outline of a true dragon and it seemed to move, as if walking right through the trees. I called my grandad who was inside and he came out and smiled. He didn’t see what I saw. Right after that day, I made sure to look for the “dragon” inside the trees but it was gone. It never returned.

Q 3. "How can I deal with fearful imaginations during meditation?"

My answer: You should try and relax and take deep breathes. Your imagination needn’t happen at all. When you meditate you must first be extremely relaxed. No noises or strong lights. Close the windows if its too cold and wet. Keep yourself comfortable. Make sure you’re not going to get interrupted. Any disturbance can interfere with your meditation.
I think meditation can happen if you are laying down and have a soft pillow or you’re in bed preparing to go to sleep. The worst that can happen is being stopped. When you’re relaxed, just think of nothing but whatever makes you calm. If the beach makes you feel calm, visualise only this. Allow yourself to enjoy this scene.
For me, a true meditation involved almost dreaming as if asleep and it often puts me to sleep. You’re imagination is probably too noisy and you’ve got to make sure that you switch that off by feeling calm.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Not all werewolves are male

In answer to the question "Why are Werewolves originally male?" this is my reply:

It all goes back to ancient times. It’s to do with the warriors. Berserkers and wolf-headed Ulfhednar gangs. Werewolves mainly used to be ferocious warriors that became wolves on a battle field. Later werewolves became lone werewolves hunting stray humans and animals at the edge of villages. Rabies in animals made up a lot of werewolf superstitious fears. There are a number of records of mass murderers happening in isolated villages with werewolf stories around them. The story “Little Red Riding Hood” was based on these folklore fears of lone strangers, werewolves and monsters. The culprits were usually men and some were boys. Rarely were they women.

There are stories of goddesses turning into wolves. Valkyries riding on wolves, and some of them turning into wolves. In Lebanon during the 6th Century, people were totally scared of the “wolf women” who appeared often at nights, so there were religious protections carried out. A similar thing happened in the year 1591 the town of Jurich was bombarded with attacks from werewolves, males and females. Apparantly it was said to be “hundreds” of werewolves. Soldiers went out to kill these werewolves and found that many of the female werewolves were dressed as nuns.

Plenty of people who were supposedly werewolves were executed as witches in the Middle Ages. It was said that many of the women tried for witchcraft had shape shifting abilities and rode wolves, just as the Norse Valkyries do.

By Rayne Belladonna


Friday, 8 September 2017

Two White Goddesses

Skadi and Artemis. 

In reply to the question "What are some goddesses in other mythologies similar to Artemis?" I posted something that I felt should be coped and pasted here, but with some of my add ons.

Goddesses in Norse mythology similar to Artemis, the huntress, would be Skadi and Eostr. Skadi is a winter goddess, and also a huntress and goddess of wild animals like Artemis. Eostr (some call her Ostara) is a maiden goddess and lunar goddess similar to Artemis. The egg and wild rabbit is sacred to Eostr and both egg and rabbits are lunar images. Also some of the Valkyries are like Artemis for they participate in the Wild Hunt at night.

Artemis is a White Goddess. Skadi is also a White Goddess too. Skadi and Artemis are associated and seen with bow and arrow. Skadi is the Norse Artemis.

Original post here 

Questions YOU may ask me now:

"What is a White Goddess"?
There is a book called "The White Goddess" by Robert Graves. The White Goddess itself is a term I used to describe the goddess of light, or moonlight, starlight, frost, snow and spirits.

"Who is Artemis"?
Artemis is a Greek goddess of the hunt. She's a maiden and a goddess of the moon, woods, wild animals and purity. She's the sister of Apollo.

"Who is Skadi"?
Skadi is the Norse goddess of winter. She's a maiden and a goddess of snow, hunting, skiing, wild animals and purity. She's also a giantess.


Book reference "The White Goddess" by Robert Graves 
The Broom Closet: Skadi